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Orion Atlas EQ-G

NEQ6 & Orion Atlas EQ-G Belt Modification Kit.
NEQ6 Belt Kit.

NEQ6 & Atlas EQ-G Belt Kit

Bearing Ring Retainer Removal Tool.
Bearing Retainer Removal Tool


Belt Kit for EQ6 NEQ6 EQ6Pro NEQ6Pro
and Orion Atlas EQ-G with Synscan goto drives.

NEQ6 Belt Kit.

Fits computerised goto mounts.
This kit replaces the factory spur gear drive train with timing belts.
The pulley modification reduces the spur gear errors that are typical and
therefore reduces tracking errors. The belts also make slewing much quiter
eliminating the 'grinding' noise that the standard spur gears produce.

The pulley ratio is the same as the factory gears. This means the
Synscan hand controller is unaffected by this upgrade. All Synscan
functions will operate as before.

The kit uses a 6mm wide belt and does not require the slot in the
mount casting to be modified as required by some kits.

The pulleys are design and produced specifically for the NEQ6 mount
and manufactured to a high precision.
We don't take stock parts and modify them to fit.

NEQ6 Belt Kit.
The kit comprises of -
2 x 47 tooth pulleys. 2 x 12 tooth pulleys.
2 x timing belts.
4 x intermediate rollers and mounting shafts.
2 x RA motor and idler mouinting plates.
2 x Dec motor and idler mouinting plates.
Stainless steel socket head bolts.
Fitting instructions.

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An optional stainless steel tool is available to allow the worm shaft
bearing retaining rings to be more easily removed.

Please check out   these internet sites showing customer reports and videos of the EQ6 belt kit.

NEQ6 Belt

NEQ6 Spare Belt.

In normal use the belts supplied will the kit will provide many years of service.
We supply spare belts in the event of incorrect fitting or incorrect mount disassembly which may cause damage to the belts.
Under all normal circumstances spare belts are not usually needed.